Band of the Week: Tryptamines

Experimental ambient electronic project Tryptamines on shmuFM

This week on shmuFM, we've got Tryptamines as our Band of the Week - you can hear them live on the Band Of The Week Show on Monday the 1st of December from 8-10pm, where they'll be chatting about everything Tryptamines and arts in the North-East.

Tryptamines is an art experiment with two main members: Chemical Callum and TomTheNoisemonger, who meet to create the main sounds, along with The Chemistry Set who are a collective of artists who play other instruments and sounds that contribute to Tryptamines’ flavour. They are involved with “TheWabLab” and over the past 3-4 years have built up an audience of several hundred listeners - sometimes over 1000 - all promoting original North-East sounds.

They describe their sound as a “controlled explosion within the science of sound. Tryptamines operate like a yin and yang of large sounds and visional personalities which helps contribute to the Tryptamines’ unique, weird, hypnotic, experimental sound - like a journey into an endless infinite regression style pathway to magical madness within music.” They are currently working on their second album, to launch next year.

Passionate about local music, Tryptamines believe: “We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams.” 

The Band Of The Week Show is repeated every Friday at midnight until 2am on 99.8FM, and you can listen to the show here on our website using the live stream or Listen Again feature.