BotW: The Inevitable Teaspoons

Unpretentious old-school R&B played by punks on shmuFM

This week on shmuFM, we're delighted to feature The Inevitable Teaspoons! You can hear them live on the Band of the Week Show on Monday the 16th of November from 8-10pm. You'll hear their latest tracks, their influences, and you'll hear an elaborate live set.

The Inevitable Teaspoons is a local five-piece band, which began with a conversation between Daryl, Chris and Al when they were on an old train which came to a halt in the tunnels under Glasgow's Duke Street while on a trip out west.  Emails flew around, and then the inaugural "band meeting" happened in the cafe/bar in the Belmont Cinema.

Based in an old train station in Aberdeenshire, the 'Spoons have been brewing up tunes since late 2012. Their sound has been described as unpretentious, old-school R&B, played by punks. They like that description - well, some more than others!

We like to practice for 2-and-a-half hours instead of 2 to allow for adequate tea drinking/biscuit munching time.  Well over 1000 teabags were harmed in the making of our EP alone, entitled Rearranging Deckchairs, which you can hear right here on shmuFM.

If you like what you hear, you can request any of The Inevitable Teaspoons' tracks on any of our live shows by getting in contact with the studio on 01224 483413, by texting 60300 (type SHMU, leave a space and then your message) or by emailing

The Band Of The Week Show is repeated every Friday at midnight until 2am on 99.8FM, and you can listen to the show here on our website using the live stream or Listen Again feature.