Casting call for actors!

Voices needed for new radio play

One of our volunteers is looking for people to act in a new radio play which we'll be making here at shmu, using our recording studio in Tillydrone.

Written and directed by Mark Everton (known to shmuFM listeners as one half of the Band of the Week presenting team), the play is titled Darrk Future and follows the adventures of Nathan Darrk - a man with a mysterious past stuck in the mixed up world of tomorrow.

A catastrophic 'Time Bomb' has restructured history and people from the past mix with those from the future, HG Wells is the Prime Minister and London is flooded as the Thames Barrier was never built. Darrk - along with his trusted sidekick Winch - stumble into a mystery which will explain why the past, present and future are so jumbled up. 

Mark is looking for people who would be interested in playing a part in the production, which will be aired on shmuFM when it is finished. There are several roles on offer, so get in touch for more details.

It is not a paid role but promises to be a lot of fun and great experience, so even if you've never acted before you can still apply and attend a casting session.

You can contact us by emailing