Keith is a smash on Centre Court

Local musician gets big break at Wimbledon with song for Andy Murray

Torry's Keith Meisner - aka The Exile of Elgin - never imagined that one week after recording a new track with the shmuSOUND team, he would be doing TV appearances in London and playing live at Wimbledon.

That is exactly what happened though after he posted his track Under the Lights (Song for Andy Murray) online and had it re-tweeted by the Scottish tennis star. The BBC ran the story on it's website, with around 750,000 people reading it, putting it to the top of the 'Most Read' stories globally last Thursday afternoon.

Judy Murray - Andy's mum - then phoned Keith and invited him to Wimbledon the next day, where he performed the song on 'Murray Mound'. He spent the morning doing TV appearances, including a spot on BBC Breakfast and another on Sky News.

Keith now plans to concentrate on putting the finishing touches to his next album, which has been recorded and mixed at the shmuSOUND Studio in Tillydrone with 'Sound Engineer to the Stars' Iain Macpherson.