shmuFM Band of the Week: Curious Orange

Local four-piece rockers Curious Orange feature on shmuFM

This week on shmuFM, we're featuring Curious Orange as our Band of the Week! They appeared and performed live on the Band Of The Week Show on Monday the 2nd of June from 8-10pm.

Curious Orange is a local four-piece band, delivering blues, grunge, and folk tinged rock ‘n’ roll ripeness. Supposedly, at a meeting under an incandescent full moon, it was decided that 2014 is the year of the Orange. They fuse disparate musical elements to create a unique musical blend that's like a secretly distilled Jacobean whisky: illicit, smoky, and filthy, and will leave you staggering, wild-eyed, and begging for more.

Lucy Kinaird belts out the tunes with a bruising and love-torn, guitarist Colin Gibson drops florid runs of mellifluous riffage, Doc keeps things pumping on the bass with a rhythmic subsonic tickle found only in the deepest recesses of outer space, and the drummer is known only as “The Enigma” and was born without a soul, only rhythm - which he lays down with more authority than Judge Judy. You can hear tracks from their upcoming new album “Houses” exclusively here on shmuFM.

You can hear Curious Orange's tracks on any of our live shows by getting in contact with the studio on 01224 483413, by texting 60300 (type SHMU, leave a space and then your message) or by emailing

As always, the Band Of The Week Show is repeated every Friday at midnight until 2am on 99.8FM, and you can listen to the show here on our website using the live stream or Listen Again feature. They played four live tracks on the show: Sierra, Fix, Alright and Ride On Pony - their cover of the Free song. You can hear two of them here: