Spoken Word Shows to air on shmuFM

shmuSOUND Spoken Word shows kick off 18th Oct

Last year we recorded spoken word pieces, ranging from poems, to short stories, to not-so-short-stories. Now, from Saturday the 18th of October, we'll be broadcasting weekly dedicated one-hour Spoken Word shows for five weeks!

Funded by Aberdeen City Council's Cultural Grant, all of the content comes from local wordsmiths and poets, and was recorded at TYP – our studio in Tillydrone. We have pieces ranging from bite-sized one-minute linguistic adventures, to 25-minute epics over 5 parts.

You’ll be able to hear shows dedicated to the art of spoken word from 6pm on shmuFM, and you’ll also hear pieces from various artists throughout shows all over our schedule, including our Breakfast, Packed Lunch and Cruise Control shows, as well as, Culture Club, the Community Shows and more. The shows will also be repeated at 11am each Tuesday.

So whether you lean towards comedy, tragedy or anything in between, there'll be something for you - so keep an ear out!

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