Case Study - Callum, 18 from Tillydrone

Case Study – From Early Interventions to Positive Transitions and beyond...


Callum, 18 from Tillydrone, took part in our 13th Positive Transitions course. Callum had worked with shmu previously whilst a pupil at St Machar Academy in his 4th year in 2010/2011. Callum took part in employability and sound/music modules at St Machar and engaged well although his attendance was not always the best. He particularly enjoyed the sound module as he has an interest in music. As a result of the Early Intervention course Callum engaged better with school and decided to stay on for 5th year.

In 2013 when he found himself unemployed he came to us looking for help. He had also heard that we had a new project, shmuSOUND, and being a keen musician himself he want to find out more. He enrolled onto shmuTRAIN Positive Transitions and signed up for help with his music through shmuSOUND as well.

As a part of Positive Transitions Callum helped to produce a weekly live radio show along with his fellow trainees. At the end of the course Callum says “the radio really helped to boost my confidence, it made it easier to do job interviews: if you can talk to Aberdeen on the radio then you can talk to an interviewer.”

“Before shmu, I had ambitions for my life but didn't know where to start and I felt so bad because I wasn't doing anything” Callum had ideas about where he wanted his life to take him and through the course he set real goals and developed an action plan to be able to achieve them. As a result Callum was successful in gaining employment. “With shmu I got started on my music with shmuSOUND and got a job through shmuTRAIN, so I got a starting point and now I know what I need to do”

Callum has just started a new job at Nandos and has received confirmation that he has secured a place at college to do Introduction to Music.