AIYF International Parade and Party

Aberdeen International Parade and Party "Cherry on the Top" for performers

On the 26th of July 2014 our Youth Media Team took part in the AIYF International Parade and Party, which included all of the amazing acts of this year’s Aberdeen International Youth Festival. The Parade started off in Aberdeen’s Art Centre and made its way down Bridge Street, ending its exciting march on George Street.

This year’s Parade was made up of many different countries, some of them being, America, Japan, Czech Republic and China.

Each country wanting to share their unique tradition and culture with us, working very hard all year round to put their marvellous acts together the Parade could be described as a ‘Cherry on the Top’ for all of the performers.

The Parade showed the bigger culture picture, making us realize that there is  bigger world outside our little Aberdeen City. It was a great experience and I think it made everyone feel connected with each other.  

You can find coverage of this event from our Youth Media Team right here.