AIYF - welcome ceremony

The Welcome Ceremony kicks off AIYF

On the 25th of July members of the Youth Media Team headed down to the Music Hall to see the Aberdeen International Youth Festival (AIYF) Welcome Ceremony which kicked off the festival. The ceremony gave a warm welcome to the talented young performers who were taking part in the festival this year.

Countries who participated in AIYF this year included Canada, China, Spain, USA, Australia and lots more. All of them that arrived in Aberdeen already were there, so this was the perfect opportunity to welcome all participants.

The Zurich Academic Orchestra from Switzerland also played the national anthems of each nation that was participating to welcome them to Aberdeen and AIYF.  Some of the organisers and supporters of AIYF spoke about the acts from each country.

The Youth Media Team really liked the ceremony because it was a good opportunity to see and it gave us a flavour of what was to come.