Ballet Prague and Friends

International School hosts International performers

On the 29th of July 2014, our Youth Media Team went to see the International Performance at the International School. The evening was full of amazing performances, we had the chance to see some old friends as well as meet some new ones. 

Ballet Prague Junior once again surprised us with their spectacular showcase. They managed to combine comedy, drama and tragedy into their performances, making the audience hold their breath waiting for more.

We also met Zaccho Youth Dance Company from the USA, the girls were very impressive and I have to say their performances were different from the ones I saw this far at AIYF. They definatelly worked very hard to put their show together. Personally I loved when they preformed to “Can You Feel The Love Tonight”,  it was a nice mix of comedy and modern dancing.

Northern Exchange did a spectacular job, they come from three different countries, with different traditions, cultures and languages, yet they managed to came together and create such a wonderful music piece.

That's the beauty of AIYF, it’s so multicultural and international. I know that it is a youth performing arts concept, however I think that during these ten days of the festival everyone came together and learned a lot from each other, not only arts wise but cultural wise as well.    

Check out our interview with them earlier in the festival