Budding Talent at Lemon Tree

APA and American Conservative Theatre preform together

On the 2nd of August 2014, our Youth Media Team went to see APA Theatre and American Conservative Theatre preform at the Lemon Tree.

The first half of the show was about Hansel and Gretel played by APA Youth Theatre (Scotland) , which was about two young children living with their poor parents. The parents leave them and off they walk off.

The performance was outstanding and smart as the acting was brilliant and that they used their hands and bodies to make a house. The audience was really impressed and enjoyed it as much as our awesome YMT we really want to see their performance next year. 

The second half of the performance was called “A Stones Throw” by JC Marshall and performed by the American Conservative Theatre.

The show was very creative, showing us a different perspective on independence and democracy.

The performers deserve a big applause since they only had four days to prepare for the show. Even so, it was a big well done and they managed to put on an amazing show for the audience.

The show was about a tiny island called “Tomorrow” in the middle of the freezing polar sea and the struggles of its inhabitants. Every year the islanders need to dig an ice runway so that the supply plane can land. One day they decide they had enough since there’s a perfectly usable runway just on the island next door that is abandoned. The only thing they need to do is claim it.

The performance was definitely something else; they managed to use comedy with a quite serious topic of politics, apart from that the cast was lovely and easy to talk to