Cloud's talk - Bullying

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me, it is a lie.

We all have been a victim of bullying, whether or not we liked it. Everyone was ether a bully or bullied by themselves and sometimes you don’t really notice that you are bullying someone. I used to be bullied because of my weight and it didn’t really feel great. I always wanted to get popularity in school so I would bully others which I am not proud of but I saw some effects that affected that person's life. It wasn’t really nice to look at them and see their sad face and their parents being worried that something might happen to their daughter. We bully the victim but it isn’t the only victim, the parents (or whoever is caring) are victims too, seeing their child being bullied is a pain in the heart because you wouldn’t really like if you would see your child self-harm or try committing suicide.

There are many types of bullying like

Verbal – Using words to insult or create rumours about that person.

Physical – Beating someone up, punching and kicking, something that involves violence.

Cyber – It involves bullying through social media

Relational – It involves breaking someone’s relationship

There are many, many more and it is terrible that they exist. We all know that bullying can’t really stop. Bullying is like crime, it can’t stop but it can disappear for a while and then come back and it is just one of those things that can’t really change but we could make it better by thinking before we act. For people that bully others think of the fact that this person may already have bad life and is feeling terrible inside but outside he/she won’t show it. Imagine where that person feels so bad because of the bullying and may lead to suicide, that moment is when you can react and help. If you are the victim, just imagine that you will fight it and you will find peace one day but right now you can just fight the war and get help too like teachers, parents, friends anyone who you trust and who cares. Both victim and bully think that you may have same interest and same type of life or anything in common, we are all unique but we do have stuff that keeps us together so why won’t help or stop bullying and change how we all act.

‘’There is a world which we should take care of, crimes and bullying won’t stop for all but it could disappear ‘’ – BluToFex


By Klaudia (Cloud)