Fern explains the highs and lows of the dancing world

I do cheerleading and hip hop. I like doing dancing because it gives you something to do and to meet new people. I think it gave me more things to do instead of staying at home and doing nothing.

You have to practice a lot to get better and remember all the things you have learned. You have to be committed to it before you start to do a lot. There are different types of dancing that require different skills. Some types of dancing require flexibility but if you are not that flexible you can become more flexible because I wasn’t that flexible to begin with. Dancing can be fun because you can go to competitions all around the world. Also you can have lots of different costumes.

I also do exams on my cheerleading and I like doing them because I get to see how good I have done and see what the examiner thought. Also you get to get trophy’s and medals. I like to learn new dances and cheers when I go a higher level.

It can be scary sometimes doing exams because you have got a lady watching you who is the examiner with your group your dancing with. But when you do a few you get less scared. Some dances can be hard but you have got your team and your coach to help you.