Funding boost for shmu Youth Media Project

Big Lottery Young Start Fund award

The Youth Media Project from Station House Media Unit (shmu) has gained a funding boost of almost £50,000 from the Big Lottery young start fund. The project, due to begin in late July will provide creative opportunities for young people aged 12-19 to learn about all aspects of the production of regular live radio and TV broadcasts. The project will deliver a positive, enriching learning experience to participants, helping them to develop real skills including research, writing, presenting and editing media for broadcast. 

This new project builds on the success of the pilot Youth Radio Project (YRP), which has already supported young people to broadcast regular live radio programmes across the city on the shmuFM community radio station. The young people will be given comprehensive support and training, combined with involvement in all stages of preparation for the broadcast. The 'live' aspect is an exciting element for the participants, while also offering significant challenges which can only be overcome through confidence, good communication, dedication and group work, arming the young people with a wide range of new skills. 

Murray Dawson, CEO of shmu said ‘This is an exciting and dynamic project with huge potential to enhance the lives of young people from our regenerations communities and beyond, where the participants themselves are given a platform to voice their views on their own terms and subject matter. We are really looking forward to guiding them in shaping their own futures into something positive, rewarding and inspirational.’

A Youth Media Forum will also be established as part of the project, offering young participants a major influence in its future direction, who will also be encouraged to go for awards and qualifications like Dynamic Youth, Youth Achievement Awards, Saltire Awards and SQAs, again furthering the reach and benefits to those involved.

The youth media project is part of a wider initiative within station house, which has expanded over the past decade, adding music, employability and an ethical trading arm to our business. The youth media element plans to grow year on year, delivering more services and opportunities to regeneration areas of the city.  The project will see shmu recruiting for an additional youth worker, with the aim of appointing a youth media manager in the near future, who would coordinate the growing number of projects involving young people.