Game reviews 101:Civilization V

Lukasz gives a game review on Civilization V

Today we will be talking about another popular game…Civilization V.


This little box of strategy and hardness is really amazing but it is not a story boarded game like many games of today, however, this is a strategy game  I will be telling you a couple of facts about this game. My first one is that this was voted one of the best games of the year, also the strategy system really makes you think on how to conquer those other the cities there a lot of countries to play as such as, America, and South Africa. The final good thing is that it isn’t a storyboarded game because those are really boring now… moving onto the bad things they are... The units move really slowly, two tiles per turn. Another bad thing is the game pace is really slow that is all I have to say about Civilization V. I would recommend this game to people who are patient. My overall rating for this game is 8/10

                                                                        By Lukasz