Holyrood Rocks

Youth Media Team visits Scottish Parliament!

Shmu were given the opportunity to attend the event at the Scottish Parliament, Holyrood Rocks, in Edinburgh.

The Youth Media Team met up to catch the coach at 9:30 and by 10:30 we began our journey!  We travelled by coach for 3 hours, which was long but when arrived at the Scottish Parliament, we knew we were in for one awesome day! 

After the walk from Dynamic Earth, the team entered the Parliament, where we met our guide, and were shown to one of the debating rooms.  At this point everyone was delighted when told that we could help ourselves to sandwiches and if we so pleased - a hot beverage.

The first event of the day in the Parliament was the Open Mic, where we watched musicians perform their own music and various covers.

A photo stand stood outside the room of the Open Mic event, and so the Youth Media Team took this opportunity to channel their inner rock gods and take some goofy and fun pictures.

Shortly after this, our guide informed us that our song writing workshop was about to start.  Escorted to another debating room, we took our seats and were introduced to two song writing producers, who then proceeded to talk to us about song writing tips and techniques that anyone could use as a guide for making their own music.

A buffet was served with a variety of food, and it was this point that there was an announcement that the finalists of the Holyrood Rocks competition were about to performed!  Many people performed – from bands to singer song writers and this was an amazing chance to discover local and regional bands and singers from Scotland (also getting to listen to some brilliant and talented people).

Overall, The Youth Media Team had an absolutely fantastic time at The Scottish Parliament and would hope to attend again in the future!