International Concert at Inchgarth Community Centre

Youth Media Team go all international for AIYF.

On Friday the 25th of July, our Youth Media Team went to a cultural performance at Garthdee in Aberdeen for the International Concert. The performances included countries that came from different continents and corners of the world.

You can find an interview with violin players from Norway right here.

The performances were very passionate and expressive and the emotions were felt clearly by the audience.

The performance started with Ballet Prague Junior which might make you dance with them. The music will make you shake all the way. Other performances included more modern dance which turned into an amazing tap dance and made people very impressed. What this talented young Japanese folk can do and he needs props for that.

I can’t forget about Northern Exchange which made everyone calm and happy. These guys need to get big applause for the preparation and for their God given amazing talent. Another performance which was unique, creative and different from other performances was Prague Ballet which made unique but outstandings showcase that everyone was paying attention too. We wish to see those groups with their genius talent text year.        

“They were all fantastic for their ages.” – Chris

“It was funny and different.” – Stacey

“It was creative and took a lot of imagination to create such a master piece.” – Klaudia

“It was cultural.” – Hollie

“I thought that all performances were great and had a variety of talents.” – Lesley

“It was different and you could interpret it different.” – Sara