International Dance Gala

YMT Goes All International For The Dance Gala

Our YMT (Youth Media Team) went to AIYF International Dance Gala at His Majesty’s Theatre on 31st July and saw amazing performances. In Act One the performers showed big class with their type of dance, and let’s not forget about beautiful outfits, the audience really liked it and couldn’t wait to see more. Sadly Act One had to end but we were happy to know that there is Act Two to see.

Act Two showed more skills and better dances , some dances had a bit meaning to it like First Impression by Scotland and Italy, in which the first part of their performance made you confused and judging them directly but the actual part of their dance showed how skilled and beautiful the dance was. It made everyone surprised of how smart the performance was and taught us to not judge the book by its cover.

Our friends the Prague Ballet Dancers, from the Czech Republic that took part in the Garthdee International Concert, were kind enough to give us an interview - you can see it here.