Journalogical hits the shelves

Hot off the press!

For the past while, SHMU’s journalism group have been working on their new youth magazine ‘Journalogical’ and for the first time, it’s out there on shelves and in libraries near you! This brand new magazine gives you a glimpse into what has currently been going down at SHMU. Not only this but there are book reviews, interviews with local performers, previous outings with the youth group and even personal profiles are all included.  This is a great project to be involved in and we hope that there will be many more issues of this magazine to come in the future. 

You can read Journalogical here.

The Youth Media Project at SHMU allows young people who live or go to school in a regeneration area (Woodside, Seaton, Tillydrone, Middlefield, Cummings Park, Northfield and Torry) to get involved in radio, film, music and journalism training. If you fancy getting involved or would like to find out more than get in touch with Denise.