MIA Results Day

We are delighted to share the news that our participants who sat the AS Level Moving Image Arts exam in May received their results yesterday (10/08/2021) and have all passed. 

Well done to them for all their hard work over a difficult year. They were all delighted with their results which will now help them to progress on their respective filmmaking journeys. 

Amy is now preparing for the Creative Media course and NESCol. She said: “The course has been a good experience for me and I really enjoyed it. I had a conditional offer from NESCol so my result means I can now look forward to starting college." 

Janie is also moving on to study at NESCol and she said: “The course was a good induction to the filmmaking process for me. It offered a good bridge to further study. It’s taught me a lot more about film as you don’t get anything like this at school." 

Adam remarked that he has another year to go at school but will be looking to carry on his filmmaking journey as part of the Aberdeen BFI Film Academy for which he has just submitted an application. 

He said: "Overall I'm happy with my performance and results in the course, especially given the restrictions imposed by the last year or so. I'm very grateful towards the help given by instructors throughout the course and I look forward to using the skills obtained from it in the future. 

 "As for what's up next, I think I'll look at doing some shooting for my film at the weekend (weather permitting!). I also sent in my application for this year's BFI course this week, so fingers crossed I'm able to do that.” 

 Further information on our filmmaking courses at shmu is available here.