Molly's Science Show Diary

Youth Media Science Show

Hey, I’m Molly. I do the science show here at SHMU.  Since we’ve been In lockdown it has been very different for a lot of people  (obviously), including everybody at SHMU.  <--break- />

The way I do my show has changed a lot. Instead of going to the studio every Monday and researching through the week, I do 1 piece of research each day and record on Friday and Saturdays. I then send it to Lori and Adele who edit it (adding music, taking out dead air etc), and it goes live at 4 o’clock on Monday. 

I enjoy doing the science show because in primary school I didn’t do science that often but since I started secondary in 2019 I realised I actually liked it, so now on the show I get to learn new things and can teach others. I also enjoy learning new things within science. Finally, I just like SHMU in general, everyone involved is extremely nice, kind, and supportive.

I hope everyone reading is staying safe and healthy and not too bored!