Rap Down Town

SHMU is down town with rap tunes!

Shmu's Youth Media Project provides creative opportunities for young people (12-19), primarily from the regeneration areas of Aberdeen, to participate in all aspects of the production of regular radio and TV broadcasts, films, press stories and music.

The project’s Emily Howie, Stacey Harkins, Meredith Brown, Michaela Robertson, Yvannah Gonzalez, Klaudia Poplawska and Karis Stephen made the video and wrote the introduction below:

We had the amazing opportunity to go to The Lemon Tree on Friday the 24th of July to interview the participants of the Shmu Rap Music Project gig, which was run alongside AIYF(Aberdeen International Youth Festival).

Before the show, we were able to interview artists such as ElektricJazza and Fabio. They gave us such inspiring answers, and advice about being musicians and what it takes to be part of the music industry.

Organiser Cameron Jay also gave us some really informal information about the event, and how much effort was put into running it.  

We were all very grateful to be there and had fun talking to the artists and getting to know them, sadly we couldn't stay for the whole night to watch the show, apart fom that, we were very pleased that we got to meet such fantastic people and get some really good interviews. 

Check out the video below!

You can go check out the details for the rest of AIYF here.