Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Song Studio

shmu's Youth Media Team get up close and musical with the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

Our wonderful Youth Media Team went to see the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Opera Song Studio on Monday 28th July 2014. The performance was breathtaking and it was lovely to hear how beautiful and talented the performers were. We were glad to hear outstanding pianists that helped our stars shine even brighter. The showcase made it more cultural as the artists sang in more than one language which made it more unique and made impact for all countries. We all felt the emotion of every song they introduced and every note they sang. We all enjoyed the showcase and the performers should get a big applause for the entertaining performance and for their soft and beautiful voices. Our YMT’s and staff members were really impressed and left some nice comments to say what they thought.

 ‘’ I think that their voices were breathtaking and I’m amazed of how high can someone sing and how different languages they sung’’ - Klaudia

 ‘’Amazing that they every single artist sang in different language which made it more cultural’’ - Sara

 ‘’I loved it’’ - Hollie

 ‘’I love how every artist had played songs by different composers and in different languages so it wouldn’t be just one language’’ – Lesley

‘’The voices were beautiful’’– Stacey

‘’I really liked how every singer sung totally differently’’ - Natasha