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A day in the life of Denise Reid

The SHMU Youth Media Team interviewed Denise Reid, the youth media manager about her role at SHMU. Over the past few week SHMU has hosted several young people from our target communities to come along and do media tasters in film, music, journalism and radio.

How long have you worked here?

I have been working at SHMU since the 7th of March 2005. I’m in my tenth year and I volunteered for 5 years before that.

What’s it like doing this kind of job?

Over the course of my 10 years at SHMU I’ve done many different roles at SHMU. I’ve supported the local editorial teams to gather content for their magazines, worked with YRP, supported all the volunteers who get involved and more recently my job has changed and I’m now the youth media manager which means managing the youth media project which is so exciting.

What experiences have you enjoyed the most?

That’s a good question! I think the trips that I’ve been on with YRP over the years, one being the police academy at Tully Allen and we got a tour and lunch. We recently took a group of young people to Manchester for a BBC conference, last October where it was kind of like a national event where there were 6 different youth stations across the UK that met up and shared their experiences on one day and then the next day it was a big conference. We took 11 young people to that and I enjoyed the AIYF which we’ve covered for many years. I enjoyed the yearly BBQ which we have for our volunteers and is always a good event.

Is it fun?

It’s lots of fun. Does the size of my smile not give away how excited I am? The good thing about SHMU and I think most of the team would agree with this, the fun bit about working at SHMU is that every day is different.

What made you want to work here?

I volunteered at SHMU for 5 years before I started work here and I suppose the reason why I wanted to work here and I’m still here 10 years later is that I’m very passionate about the work that we do. Our role is to transform the lives of people by using media but most importantly it’s about working with people and I like working with people.

If I could be anyone I wanted to be in SHMU and why?

I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else apart from here as Youth Media Manager.


How did you think your job changed throughout the years?

It’s funny because it sometimes feels like a new piece of work starts and I just end up being the person who does it. I’m not sure yet why this happens but it’s good moving about and that’s what makes it exciting. I get to try different things and I think I would get bored doing the same thing all the time. SHMU has grown so much that even over the next 10 years I’ll have moved around even more.

Did you work hard to achieve who you are today?

I think the thing about working at SHMU is it’s all about teamwork and I think people who don’t work in a team are the people who don’t succeed so I think I’ve done that quite while as I’m still here 10 years later on. I’m a great believer in teamwork.

How long did it take you to achieve all this?

I’ve learnt a lot over the time I’ve been working at SHMU. I was a youth worker  at Fersands Project before I started working at SHMU and then I started volunteering at the Fersands Free Press. When I started at SHMU I was a support worker and since being at SHMU I have done lots of training and college courses so I have got a lot from it. I’ve probably learnt just as much from the people I’ve worked with as well.

By Glen, Klaudia, Josh, Callum and Megan

Here's a quick update on what the team got up to during the week...

TYP – Session 2 - Magazine

So this session was magazine and we were brainstorming our questions for our interview. We were intervening Denise Elizabeth Reid about her career and overall life. We got good answers from the questions we asked. Laura was typing the answers. There were two groups and other group was intervening an actor Alec Westwood. He was taking part at Halloween tour at Haddo House.  

By Klaudia and Megan 

Film Session

On the 22nd of October we went to TYP (Tilly Youth Project) to do a film media session with Lori and Chris. We were tasked to make a film and this film had to have a scary or spooky theme. We decided to do a spoof of multiple horror franchises like Saw, Scream and Insidious. We filmed it while spoofing different horror cliches like falling over while running or not being able to open a door. After filming it we did different sound effects and music to go with the film. The finished project will hopefully be oscar worthy!

By Glen
Radio Session
At the youth media radio intro session we completed different activities.

We talked about what we do on Halloween and bonfire night and debated which is better Halloween or bonfire night.

This will be broadcast on the radio later on.

By Callum

Sound Session

October 22 2014

At the typ I was doing the sound effects for the film we in my group and did some Foley  work (creating sound effects), this involved hitting wood with a snooker cue to make the sound effect of hitting someone over the head.

We were discussing a jingle for the radio, in the end we came up with something completely random, the Super Hamazing Monkey Universe show.

The jingle involved making monkey noises, as well as that we recorded a voiceover, the jingle included what the show was and the radio stations name.

I enjoyed doing the jingle, my favourite part was hitting things for the foley work.

By Josh