Western Arts University Ambassadors (USA)

My favourite show from this year’s Aberdeen International Youth Festival (AIYF) was the Western Arts University Ambassadors (USA). The story was called “Blazing Tides” and it was about the struggles and conflicts between the elements of fire and water. The story was influenced by a range of stories and films such as Romeo and Juliet and The Last Airbender. The unusual thing about the show was how circus acts and clowns were used in the performance. I liked how the clowns added extra entertainment to the performance. It wasn’t hard to identify who was on the fire side and who was on the water side because those who were fire were wearing red and those who were water were wearing blue. I liked how the music was different depending on whether fire or water was on the stage. The music was quite light and gentle when water was on the stage but when fire was on the stage the music was very powerful and fierce. Overall I thought it was an amazing performance and I would definitely recommend it to a friend.