Young opera artists impress Youth Media Team

Youth Media Team interview Oxford Lieder Young Artists

On 26th July 2014 our Youth Media Team (YMT) went to have a look at Oxford Lieder Young Artists by Kangmin Justin Kim and Sachika Taniyama. Their performance was unique as Kangmin sang German opera with very high pitched voice which made everyone very impressed by his talent. Young and talented Sachika had a great performance with Kangmin as pianist and both of them deserve a big applause. The opera gave colour to their music which kept it interesting to everyone. We are all highly impressed and we want to see them next year

‘’I was very impressed. He was really nice as we were speaking to him, his voice was amazing as he sung in Asian and German. I really, really want to see him again next year.’’ – Klaudia

‘’The singer had really high pitched voice which made me impressed’’ – Stacey

‘’Love how they worked together but there was not enough credit for pianist’’ – Sara

‘’ I thought it was brilliant, I was shutting my eyes but listening to it properly’’ – Lesley

‘’I really liked the combination and I really like how we saw it in real life because normally you would see this type of stuff on TV’’ – Adele

‘’It was very interesting and I liked it’’ Natasha