Youth media covers AIYF launch

On the 12th June 2017 Aberdeen International Youth Festival opened up its temporary exhibition (12th June- 5th August) for the first time in order to launch the kick-start of the AIYF festival. The pop up gallery was filled with a collection of artwork that represented a hot air balloon. With a vast range of materials used in order to create the hot air balloon, each model was a masterpiece of creativity, colour and the construction of each model was phenomenal.  This event was also held to be able to find out the winners of the 3D hot air balloon competition. There were two different categories (under 12s and the over 12s) that had to create a hot air balloon made from any material, any size and any shape. The more unique the model was the better it was. This competition allowed not only children but parents more aware and has a better understanding of the overall concept of what AIYF was all about. The prizes for the winners included the chance to win a water zorbing trip at Lochter Activity Centre with 5 other friends for the under 12s category. The over 12s had a chance to win a helicopter ride over Aberdeen with HJS Helicopters.

I was able to interview the winners Connor (under 12s category winner) and Jane (over 12s category winner) on why they would want to participate in a festival such as the Aberdeen International Youth Festival. They both seemed to really love the prizes that they won. I was also able to interview Jessie (marketing and associations assistant) about what AIYF involves for those who aren’t aware of the festival and where to find out more information to get more involved with the festival overall.                                                                       

My overall experience at the AIYF launch was such a good opportunity to grasp as it made me more aware of what the festival has to offer over the late summer.  I was also fortunate enough to expand my knowledge on interviewing which allowed me to step into the world of a journalist, which of course was new and exciting for me to take part in; however, I am thoroughly happy that I was able to attend the event.