Youth Media Team and Book Week

Youth Media Team get involved in Scottish Book Week

Scottish Book week is a week where you go to libraries and schools and there are books being sold. It is a time to read books and find out about new books and illustrators. Illustrators come to schools to tell them stories and tell them about how they get their inspiration for their books and poems. There are also competitions going on to win books and children have chances to make a book. When I was in primary school we used to take part in fancy dress and we got to dress up as a book character and there would be competitions on who had the best costumes. I came 2nd place out of 500 people in our school for dressing up as the Cat in the Hat. Also there are book fairs on at schools where you can buy books and they also give you tokens to get money off. 

- Fern

Scottish book trust are in charge of Scottish Book Week. Scottish book week will run from 24th till the 30th of November. There are events all over Scotland but I chose Aberdeen. Some of the venues where events will be held include Central Library, Satrosphere Science Centre and the Univeristy Library on Bedford Road.

On Saturday 29th of November shmu's Youth Media Team will be going to the workshop with a graphic novelist and illustrator. They will be given advice on graphic novel writing and art illustrations. It is going to be at Central Library between 10:30am and 12:30pm and you can come because all tickets are free.  

- Abby and Lukasz       

Why do we celebrate book week?

The main aim of the Children’s Book Week is to encourage children around the UK to explore the world of literature in a fun and pleasurable way, by having many interactive activities organised by local libraries.

Those activities are designed to help children see reading as a pleasure, and discover new books, extend their reading choices, discuss and share books with others, explore new libraries and bookshops as well as develop their own creative writing skills.

Book week has gained major support from schools, as well as other platforms, and has many positive reviews.

'Children's Book Week is a great opportunity for everyone who cares about children's books to fire up children to read and talk about books. Schools can make a special place in the curriculum to discover how books can give pleasure, enlightenment and pause for thought. Libraries can focus on how best to get children through their doors to enjoy the treasure houses nearby. Books need as much buzz around them as TV and film, so a week when the whole country is talking about books and authors is an ideal way for the world of books to be seen and heard.' – Former Children’s Laureate Michael Rosen

- Sara

Why people stop reading

It is proven that each year and generation is starting to watch movies instead of reading the books. People don’t read books as much as they used to and libraries are starting to get less people through the doors to get books. Schools encourage young individuals to start reading more by adding a reading subject where they pick a book by their level and after they read it do a test about the book. Schools also encourage children from ages 1-6 to do class reading where they all sit together and read a book but why have people stopped reading as much as they used to?

People prefer watching movies amd children go to cinemas more often than they read a book.  Some people prefer movies than books and wait until their favourite book turns into a movie fantasy. Another reason why people don’t really read as much is because of audio books. Other reasons why people don’t read as much include technology, games and phones. Even though we do read every day, not a lot of it isrelevant - we mostly read text messages or we read something that is not important. However, we do read important articles as well like you are reading this important articles or you read news. 

- Klaudia

Why Reading is Important

With Book Week already so close to now, we need to just stop what we’re doing and ask ourselves a few questions. One of them being “Why do we read?” Well, reading can be very fun, and a good book will pull you in and keep you reading through it until you’re done. But then, another question emerges, “Is reading important?”

The answer of course is “Yes. Yes it is.” Reading can help build vocabulary and listening skills, even at a very young age. And if a child comes across a word that they don’t understand yet, they can hear and try out new sounds, words and phrases which they can then copy.

Children who read for enjoyment are not only more likely to perform better at Reading Tests, but can also develop a wider vocabulary and a better understanding of other cultures. It’s also more likely to determine how well they do than social or economic background.

Babies can recognise their parents voices before they’re even born, and reading to them from the time they are born can make them more comfortable with their voices and can increase their exposure to language.

Parents can play an important role in helping their child read. They can read aloud to them to help them become familiar with language. They can also give them a few books and make regular trips to the library so that reading can become a habit. Also, children who see their parents reading are more likely to want to read as well.

- Connor