Youth Media Update

Youth Media Team are back

The Youth Media Team are back after the Christmas break. Here's some information about what the different groups have been up to.

The Youth Radio Group were back with a bang, presenting their first live three-hour show of the year this Saturday. Presenters (including many who have been with the group for years and many who joined the group in October when taster sessions were held) researched, scripted and then hosted a three-hour show which reflected on current events and their own achievements in 2014, and looked forward at their hopes in 2015.

Meanwhile the Youth Film group have lots to look forward to during 2015. The group used this session to look over footage they shot at the Linx Ice Arena Christmas show so they could begin editing work on it. The group have also been planning on shooting some interviews with members of our youth radio, sound, and journalism groups so the group have been planning interview techniques, questions and locations for this piece of work.

Youth Journalism are getting prepared for the spring batch of community magazines. They have interviews lined up to cover the Third Don Crossing and the merger of Torry and Kincorth Academy so watch this space.

Rod McDermid from "So, Why Don't You..." has asked the Youth Music group to create a new jingle for his show. Listen out for them in the next few weeks.