Youth Media Visit to Laurels Lodge

Shmu’s Youth Media Team was invited to visit Laurels Lodge to get a sneak peak of their new sensory garden before their opening on the Thursday 20th August at 11:00am. 

First impressions were definitely a shock.  Laurels Lodge felt very inviting and homely.  We were shown a variety of room within the care home.  Each room and hallway presented different themes such as the sweetshop room, the hairdressers and the cinema.

The sweet shop was a huge favourite of the media team.  As you walk through the door, you feel like you are being taken back into another time altogether.  With a display of vintage memorabilia and colourful sweets in old fashioned jars, you really do feel like you’re inside an old sweetshop.  This is to make the residents feel settled, give them a place of their own and bring them back to a time of their youth.

Another thing they have done to make the residents feel at home is put in the sensory garden.  The garden is place where residents can go out and socialise and there will be other parts of the garden where they can plant different things and be active.  The official opening is Thursday 20th August 11:00am and everyone is welcome.

We hope that you can pay a visit and have the same wonderful experience that we did.