Youth Music Theatre

As part of the Aberdeen International Youth Festival the Youth Music Theatre took to the stage to showcase the musical and acting talent of the young people up and down the UK. Auditioning people from wales England and Scotland the youth music group is made up of diverse group of individuals. The youth Music Theatre group has over the years have produced innovative and entertaining pieces and this years didn’t disappoint. This year the cast of YMT brought “how to survive the Zombie Apocalypse and come out singing “ written and directed by Drew Taylor.  The story follows a group of students who are forced to take shelter in a cave in the middle of a zombie Apocalypse. The story explores romance and friendships when all is tested to find a way to survive.

My favourite part of the performance was the attention to detail in the costume design the zombie costumes were terrifying allowing the audience to feel and experience the characters fear.  The acting singing and dancing was of an exsrodinary level which added to the story and the performance.  The performance was exceptional with the high standard of dance the stage lit up and the actors brought the performance to life.


After the show one of the cast members Thomas Bytheway stopped to talk to us about his experiences and how it felt to be a part of the YMT. The full interview is available at the shmu website.





As they say in Scotland - coorie-in - settle down for a story of spades, cricket bats, broken hearts, claustrophobia and fighting the desire to eat someone's brains when really all you want to do is go for a romantic dinner...

Written and Directed by Drew Taylor
Composed by Craig Adams
Choreographed by Emma Park