Corporate Support

Work with us to support communities in Aberdeen

How you can help…

As a small, local charity, support from businesses in the city are extremely important to us. There are many opportunities for corporate partnerships at shmu, whether that be sponsoring an event or funding a programme, we would love to talk to you about how your organisation can make a difference.

Whether you would like to come along to one of our fundraising events , or provide sponsorship of a number of projects, by partnering with shmu, your organisation can play a vital role in helping communities in Aberdeen to flourish.

Activity Sponsorship

We welcome sponsorship from companies that want to work with us to enhance and improve communities in Aberdeen. At shmu, our creative facilities mean that we can offer unique and exciting benefits to our corporate sponsors, and we would love to talk to you about potential ways of working together.

Sponsorship opportunities can potentially give access to our radio listeners, magazine readers and event attendees, as well as promotion across our social media channels.

Campaign sponsorship – as a small charity, bookmarking funds to spend on creative resource for campaigns can be difficult. With a view to creating new printed content for our donors and supporters, as well as printing materials to share with third party fundraisers, there are a number of ways your business can help us to succeed in our fundraising efforts.

Event sponsorship – in terms of our charitable status, shmu are a relatively unknown organisation in the local area. In order to raise awareness of our activities, it is important for us to reach out to the wider community through welcome events and fundraising dinners offsite. We would love support to raise awareness and interest in our work.


Charity of the Year & Staff Fundraising

By choosing a small organisation like shmu as your charity of the year, you are making a huge different to what we can achieve. We would love for your colleagues to get involved in our fundraising activities, and to take on fundraising challenges on our behalf. Our Fundraising Officer will be on hand to help coordinate any activities, and provide support and materials to motivate and encourage participation.


Sponsor a programme

There are a number of ways you can support specific projects at shmu through the sponsorship of one of our strands. We work with a number of groups in different ways, so whether you have an interest in our projects with schools or prisons, or specifically in film or music, we can work with you to find a unique way of ensuring your interests meet our needs. Examples of sponsorship include:

  • Sponsor a young person £X It costs shmu this much to help secure a place in further education, training or employment for a young person on one of our employability courses.
  • Sponsor an employability course £X To work with 8 individuals over a 12-week period to secure a positive destination.
  • YouthTV £X to cover the cost of a film tutor to work with the kids over a period of X weeks.

£X to purchase the equipment needed to set up a TV studio for the young people


Commercial work

Though we primarily work with our communities, to ensure that we can meet our financial targets, we also offer ethical commercial services in video production, graphic design, sound recording and web-based services through shmuTRADE.

We offer these services on a tiered pricing structure depending on your needs. Our Business Development Worker would love to talk to you about how we can help. Head to our shmuTRADE page from more information.