Youth Media Parent Day

Saturday 12th of December saw the youth media team do their second last Saturday broadcast of the year at Station House.

With the end of the year looming, it was the perfect opportunity to invite parents and guardians in to SHMU to celebrate the achievements of the youth media team from the whole of 2015.

As well as treating themselves to festive food and drink, families were invited into the studio as the live broadcast was happening to join in and experience live shows just as the youth media team do every week.

Films produced by the youth media team through the year, as well as case studies of members of the group, were available for parents to catch up with too. A “Big Brother” diary room style booth was also set up to record statements about experiences with shmu from youth media team members and their families.

Journalogical, the magazine produced by the youth media team, was also available to view exclusively before being sent to print.

As part of the recognition process, many members of the youth media team also received certificates as part of the Saltire Awards, which recognises their time volunteering with SHMU.

This was an amazing opportunity for the youth media team, staff, and families to get to know each other and make plans for 2016. From all of the youth media team and staff members, we wish you all a great 2016!