Youth Media Taster Sessions

New youth sessions launch at SHMU

Lights! Camera! Action! Eight young people came to SHMU for two days to take part in our new youth media programme. The group then wrote an article about their time at SHMU...


We talked about what we were afraid of to use the content for the horror film. We first had a look around the set to see what we were working with. Then we put our ideas together to make our 5 scenes. We figured out who was doing what. Our first scenes were in the computer room when some friends were invited to a party. The next scene was walking though the long grass to get to the nightclub. The killer knocked out the real DJ and pretended to be the DJ. We started dancing in the nightclub and one of the friends had to go outside and wait for someone to come. The friend died because of the killer. The other went to look for him and saw that he was dead so they went back in to call the emergency services. The killer possessed the victim and told him to go back inside. He did so and said he wasn’t dead when he was possessed.

By Abby (Youth Media Team)


We did a music taster and we added music to our movie which we made earlier that day. We learned how different styles of music can change the movie/setting of a movie!

I found the taster fairly enjoyable. We done the taster with Shawn and Simon as I said we put music into our “movie!”

Music is one of the best things at SHMU  it’s a lot of fun!

By Callum (Youth Media Team)


We got told how they recorded their radio show and where. We had to write down what words came to our minds when we heard the words Bonfire Night and Halloween. All our suggestions got recorded by us. I really enjoyed getting recorded on the microphone. It was a bit hard the first time hearing myself while I talk in the headphones but I got used to it. Then we asked questions and answered them. We rehearsed before we were recorded so we knew what we were doing. I loved doing this I thought it was really fun and a new good opportunity.

Abby said “I was really proud of myself that I recorded myself and she thought it was super fun and also it was a good opportunity.”

By Fern (Youth Media Team)


Today we were writing about what we were doing in these past days for example we had to write about this with Lauren we designed an imaginary web page. We split into two groups. One group was writing about Halloween, the other group (wink wink, my group) our group was writing about what we were doing today. We got to write part of a shmu article to go on the website.

"Going on computers and drawing is fun" - Marek

By Lucas (Youth Media Team)