Panto Review- Dick McWhittington

On the 7th of December 2016, Megan and Natasha from the Youth Media Team attended this year’s Panto (Dick McWhittington) at Her Majesty Theatre. Dick McWhittington follows the tale of Dick McWhittington quest to defeat King Rat played by John Jack.

The production was witty and full of comedy with its use of the local Aberdonian dialect and playful uses of street and place names from in and around the city appealing to all the family. The panto starts with a breaking news story by the former first minister Alex Salmond, introducing us to the threat that Aberdeen is facing and the struggles our Hero Dick Mcwittington is up against.  The cast keep the panto up to date and current with their hilarious Donald Trump jokes and the entertaining tribute to Adele performed by the highly talented Elaine C Smith character the Spirit of the Don.

This year’s panto certainly did not hold back on providing us with a magical night with theatrical tricks, surprising turns and by leaving us speechless as they brought the flying car to life above the audience. I would also highly recommend bringing an Umbrella as the storms come rolling in you may find yourselves really feeling the performance. The cast, crew and dancers (from the Aberdeen Academy of Dance) will ensure you have a magical and unforgettable night that will leave you wanting more.

You can still go and see the panto at His Majesty's Theatre until Saturday the 8th of January. For more information click here


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