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Do you dream of becoming a DJ and making your way in the world of radio? Our fabulous team at shmuFM can help you to realise that ideal, by providing support and training to do just that. We are looking for volunteers to produce and present our community shows.  The team supports our presenters in producing content, choosing music, booking and interviewing guests and sourcing topic material.

Cumming North is the show representing Northfield and Cummings Park and deals with topics and issues relating to residents of those areas and the City of Aberdeen.

Torry Treasures brings news, views, events, entertainment and extraordinary interviews about and from the people of Torry. You will find news about the community centres, churches, festivals, heritage and many others things of concern to the Torry community. Torry Treasures has built a reputation for ensuring that the authentic voices of the residents are heard.

Woodside on Wednesday is a collection of local characters indulging in a hotch-potch of ramblings and rantings on Woodside and the world! The show focuses on Woodside news, events and issues.

The Tilly Talks show focuses on news, events and issues in the area of Tillydrone, whilst Seaton Speaks is centric on the Seaton area, which has loads of really great projects and issues to report on.  The Middlefield team run Middlefield Matters and they focus on issues and news from Middlefield and beyond.

Our team of professionals will support you through the process of becoming a presenter, where you will learn a range of skills, eventually building up to live broadcasts.  We have around 70 different shows broadcast each week on shmuFM and any volunteer currently presenting can tell you how beneficial and rewarding this is to them, as some of our volunteers have been around for a long time.

If you live in any of these areas and fancy becoming a presenter, then get in touch with us.  Contact Denise on 01224 515013 or email denise@shmu.org.uk

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