Sound News

Spoken word project goes live

Today marks the start of our ground-breaking new spoken word project here at shmu. Over the next three months, we'll be recording a huge archive of poems, stories, comedy, drama and more. 

Date added: 06/01/2014

Spoken word project launch in January

Just before we nip off for the Christmas holidays, we wanted to let you know about an exciting new project which will be launching on the 6th of January - and it's all about celebrating the spoken word.

Date added: 20/12/2013

Davy Shanks wins acoustic battle

After an incredibly difficult decision for the judges, Davy Shanks was crowned the winner of the Slains acoustic competition last night and scored himself a great prize bundle for his efforts.

Date added: 20/12/2013

Musicians compete for recording time

This Thursday sees the final of Slains Castle's Voice of the Dead competition - and the winner will get some amazing prizes, including the chance to record an EP at our shmuSOUND Recording Studio in Tillydrone.

Date added: 18/12/2013

shmuFM Band of the Week: Suburban Saints

This week's shmuFM Band of the Week is Suburban Saints. They appeared live on the show from 8-10pm on the 16th of December, with host Jaimi Ray.

Date added: 16/12/2013

shmuFM Band of the Week: Daniel Mutch

Daniel Mutch is a local singer-songwriter who has been playing, writing and performing his own songs for around a year and a half. He likes to write and sing about the truths of life - he feels that it’s a great way to vent things, and convey things that he’d “never know how to speak about out loud”.

Date added: 09/12/2013

shmuFM Band of the Week: Paige Neave

Paige Neave is a 17 year old singer from Northfield. She sings in a variety of styles, including pop, folk and country. She comes from a musical background and sings because it “stops her from thinking about everything” – this is reflected in her sincere, heartfelt lyrics.

Date added: 02/12/2013

A choice of two free training sessions this Wednesday

We have two exciting FREE courses to choose from tomorrow (Wednesday 27th November).

There is a session on blogging taking place at Seventeen (used to be One-Up on Belmont Street) from 6-8pm. It's aimed at novices and will take you through the basics of blogging during an interactive two-hour session.

Date added: 26/11/2013

shmuFM Band of the Week: Cindy Douglas

This week's featured artist is local jazz singer Cindy Douglas.

Date added: 25/11/2013

shmuFM Band of the Week: The Little Kicks

Needing no introduction to most music fans in Aberdeen, The Little Kicks are one of the city's undisputed heavyweights, having just returned from playing packed venues across the continent as part of their European tour.

Date added: 18/11/2013