Our wonderful volunteers and shmu community have pulled together marvellously and the shows all go on.

Magazines are being written from living rooms and radio shows recorded in kitchens and bedrooms all over Aberdeen.

shmuFM and shmuPress are still active and its almost business as usual during COVID-19 stay at home times.

Here at shmu we are lucky to have such committed and talented volunteers. There is something for everyone even in this challenging time and if you would like to get involved we would love to hear from you. Our volunteering opportunities have changed slightly due to social distancing guidelines. We volunteer from home now to keep everyone safe and continue to keep our communities connected. 

If you have information to share with us about service provision, whats going on in the community, ideas, requests, messages of support or just want to say thanks to someone please tell us at tellus@shmu.org.uk.

If you would like more information on how to volunteer at shmu, contact Aynsley by telephone on 01224 515013 or email volunteer@shmu.org.uk.

Volunteer’s Stories

Dave Whites Volunteering Story

Dave White here - having been a volunteer at SHMU for a number of years it has been a pleasure to be involved in a number things which I enjoy.

Date added: 27/04/2020

Angela's Volunteering Story

I've been in the habit of using an app on my mobile to record interviews anyway - the quality is great nowadays - so, even tho I'm a bit of a technophobe, I was able to move to recording most of show from my bedroom, with lots of support from shmu staff, and my teenage daughter here at home.

Date added: 15/04/2020

Alan's Volunteering Story

I started volunteering with shmuFM as a way of connecting with the LGBT+ community, bringing together people for whom mine might be the only supportive voice they hear, a cheerful voice of hope, a companion in their darkness.

Date added: 15/04/2020

Sam's Volunteering Story

I spent over a quarter of a decade with addictions and working worldwide in a job I loathed which led to greater money and greater addictions.   Early 2017 I committed suicide, 5 operations later I was released after a week, only to do the same again start of 2018. 

Date added: 15/04/2020

Kevin's Volunteering Story

During lockdown, I try to keep as usual a routine as I can.  Continuity is important to me. 

Date added: 15/04/2020

Natalie's Volunteering Story

I survived several massive health issues with the love, help & support of my fellow shmu friends, volunteers & staff. 

Date added: 15/04/2020

Dave's Volunteering Story

Well this has been a strange old time hasn't it.  It's really weird not being at the building in Woodside after it's been my second home for almost 7 years.

Date added: 14/04/2020

AiR Volunteer shares their story

I had heard of shmu through Aberdeen in Recovery media group, regarding their show, Recovery on AiR, although at the time this was not being produced.  Having suffered addiction issues, coupled with many poor choices, I struggled with everyday life.  Through attending AiR, I rapidly improved, and continue to do so.

Date added: 12/04/2020

Volunteering Opportunites

Join our volunteers volunteering from home, supporting each other and the community.

Date added: 14/04/2019