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Fiona Duncan on shmuFM Sports

Although it's unlucky for some the shmuFM Sports Show will host a very inspiring guest on Friday the 13th of May. 

PC Fiona Duncan took up the sport of cycling in 2003. In 2008 she was part of the Great Britain's Police Women’s Team who took silver at the European Championships.

Date added: 25/04/2016

Skate Success

Joining The Ayatollah on the Breakfast show this week was Sara Paterson.

As head coach of Zariba an Aberdeen synchronised skating team, she takes them to Budapest Hungary to compete in the World Championships. Picked not to represent Aberdeen or Scotland but to represent Great Britain in what is the pinnacle of the teams career.

Date added: 25/03/2016

Brutha Voodoo's Second Birthday

Brutha Voodoo's Playlist Obscura is celebrating its second birthday on Tuesday the 16th of February.

Date added: 12/02/2016

Around the World in Sixty Minutes

This week saw the first live broadcast from Mimi, who is a new volunteer at shmuFM. Mimi was introduced to shmuFM and the world of radio through Mike Melvin as she has appeared as a guest on “So Why Don’t You?” previously.

Date added: 29/01/2016

Come hear the music play...

shmuFM's Culture Club presenter, Angela Joss, was at the opening night at the Kit Kat Club aka The Aberdeen Arts Centre Theatre, to watch "Cabaret". 

Date added: 28/01/2016

It's our birthday... Celebrate the cheese!

The Ultimate 80s celebrates their second birthday on January the 23rd and presenters Dave Ironside and Colin Banks have a cheese filled show especially for you.

Dave said: “We were discussing how to celebrate the shows second birthday and Colin suggested we play an hour of the cheesiest 80s tracks imaginable.” 

Date added: 13/01/2016

Life Thru a Ruby Lens is Three!

This month sees the third birthday of "Life Thru a Ruby Lens" looking back at the "good old days", bringing you the Top 40 from 40 years ago.

Date added: 22/12/2015

Christmas Tree species choice – UK

Looking for the right tree, but don't know which variety is right for you?

Date added: 09/12/2015

It was acceptable in the 80s

The Ultimate 80s celebrate their 100th show with a very special show on Boxing Day, 26th December.

Presenters Dave Ironside and Colin Banks will be doing a two hour show on this date to celebrate 100 shows.

Date added: 07/12/2015

shmuFM chats to Professor Brian Cox

Simon from the Current Affairs show headed down to Offshore Europe this week and managed to grab an interview with Professor Brian Cox. 

Offshore Europe visits Aberdeen every two years and invites people and companies in the oil and gas industry all over the world to come to Aberdeen.

Date added: 11/09/2015