shmu Youth Rap Project MkII

Open to anyone in P7 or S1 & living in one of our priority areas

An exciting digital broadcasting future for the...

shmu to apply for small-scale DAB licence

Youth Media vs Chemistry!

Dr Alan McCue from the University of Aberdeen visits shmu

What is shmu?

Established as a charity in 2003, Station House Media Unit (shmu), is one of the core cultural organisations in North East Scotland and is at the forefront of community media development in the UK. 

We are a community anchor organisation, supporting residents in the seven regeneration areas of Aberdeen in radio and video production, traditional and on-line publications, music production and digital inclusion. These platforms are used as vehicles for personal and collective change; supporting skills development, active citizenship, community capacity building and community development. 

The organisation also supports other disadvantaged communities, both geographic and communities of interest, including an employability and training arm, and an adult services arm which provides support and opportunities for adults with barriers, including those who are criminal justice experienced and in recovery.  

Latest news

Challenge Poverty Week - The Poverty Alliance

SHMU were delighted to be asked by the Poverty Alliance to support them in recording a series of podcasts for Challenge Poverty Week 2023.  


Date added: 03/11/2023

shmu Young Filmmakers Club

We're really delighted to announce the launch of our Young Filmmakers Club, which starts on 8th November 2023!

Thanks to funding from the Sean Connery Foundation and Cashback for Communities, our newest FREE youth project is aimed at young people aged 14-17 from across Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire who have a genuine interest in filmmaking and would like to develop skills in all areas of the process - from initial concept and storyboarding, to filming, editing and everything inbetween! 

Date added: 27/09/2023

Meet Ayesha

Meet Ayesha 

The Mastrick Matters team wanted to use the shmu page to introduce you to some of the staff and volunteers who are involved with shmu. Recently we spoke to our Media Development Worker, Ayesha Zielinski who joined shmu in 2021. 

Here are some of the things Ayesha had to say about working at shmu.

Ayesha, can you tell us about your role here at shmu?

Date added: 31/08/2023